Who we Are

One of the finest manufacturers of the Glass, dealing across the globe.


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  • New Store in Amsterdam and Westpoort
  • Dunes products comprise of architectural ranges- solar, high performance and high durability (HD). Some benefits of the Dunes SunShield range of glass products offer high visibility light transmission, better solar control and colour rendering index.
  • May 1, 2016: Dunes has introduced range of interior products to provide the aspiration of designers. Interiors products comprise – Tint mirror ( Bronze and Grey mirror), Shiny mirror (Crystalline™ mirror).

Why Dunes

Instant Delivery

Now there is no need to go for time consuming and tedious process. Dunes Glass 

Customized Sizes & Packing

Dunes Glass offers exceptional service with immediate availability and delivery with customized attractive standard packing in 300Kg, 500Kg and 900Kg. Dunes Glass also takes orders of customized sizes as per your requirement and save you from bulk import. 

After Sales Support

Dunes Glass offers an exceptional after sales support from Support Team which works hard 24x7 to provide excellent support services.

About Us

A statement of style and purpose, We at Dunes Glass Works design and customize glass as per our customers’ requirements and ideologies. Dunes Glass aims to reinvent the glass manufacturing and supply market in India through its path-breaking technology and designs. Our products are customized as per our customers’ needs enabling them to efficiently integrate our products into their services and build their businesses around it. 

Delivering with Quality and Safety

Dunes Glass produces the finest quality glass and is acclaimed to be the leading manufacturer of Flat glass across the globe. Its manufacturing plant is one of the best glass manufacturing plant in the industry and can produce glass ranging from 1 mm to 10 mm in thickness. Dunes glass aims to become the leading manufacturer of niche glass across the world. The dedicated team of the company is committed to provide an extraordinary experience to the customers and abide by ethical and environmental friendly practices in entire manufacturing processes.

  • Clear Flat Glass
  • Mirrors
  • Frosted Glass